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A List

Concord Quarters

1. The only freestanding slave dwelling in the state of mississippi thats listed in the national register of historic places
2. Newly developed interactive walking tour with interpretive panels w/QR Codes, installed  at specific Concord cultural features, such as the area of the main house, cisterns, smokehouse, the kitchen dependency that burned in 1901, 
3. 2.5 Park like landscaped acres with 200 year old massive oaks
4.1844 original inventory of the enslaved African,and African American men, women and children of old Concord
5. The Cosey CollectionAfrican figures, paintings & sculptures that reveal the extraordinary cultural, artistic and historical diversity and complexity of the continent represented by our collection
6. This dwelling boast an 1827 unusual Collard & Collard baby grand piano

Concord Quarters is all that’s left to interpret this significant Spanish History; Concord mansion built 1794
Concord Quarters; Slave Dwelling built 1819


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