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A Legacy of Heirs

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$0.00 MissLou Heritage Tours Movie Night

HERITAGE MOVIE NIGHT & DISCUSSION Saturday, February 2, 2019 BLACK NATCHEZ 1965 by: Ed Picnus& David Neuman This documentary film was shot in 1965 in Natchez, Mississippi and first released in the fall of 1967. It features the Deacons for Defense and Justice, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and Mississippi Freedom Democrat Party-- among other organizations. 55 Minute Film. Guest Speaker: Mary “Mimi” Miller of the Historic Natchez Foundation Time: 6:00… »

$25.00 Coming March 1 (The NAPAC Bracelet)

The NAPAC bracelet. Our first designer product to let visitors take away piece of our history to share with family and freinds. The design Is eloquent and fitting to represent the seeds of growth of the African American experience as well as the pains we have suffured in our ongoing stuggles for equality. Take time to pre-order yours today on line. Simply send a e-mail to bobby@visitnapac.net for us to reserve your order today.All pre-orders will be fullfilled first. »

$28.00 Parchman Ordeal The Book

A story of the horrors imposed on The Black citizens of Natchez Ms. in struggles to optain equal rights . The setting is in the period in which the Federal Government had signed into law the the civil rights bill of 1965. limited Number of signed copies by authors »

$18.00 The Parchman Ordeal

A powerful documentary of the 1965 event that remained unspoken of for 50 years. »

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Membership and Supporters Drive Underway

NAPAC Museum is glad to start the membership and supporters drive for 2019. This year we hope to start adding video and audio to all our display rooms as well as add the story of those athletes that have played a great r… »


When you visit Natchez you guys have to experience the flavors of Natchez Heritage Cooking by Jarita Frazier- King. Here is Her take on the History of Gumbo and a beginning of a love for Heritage Foods that will follow y… »

Today Marks the Beginning of Kwanza

From the desk of: DarrellS. WhiteDirectorOffice of Cultural Heritage Tourism “VisitNatchez”Mississippi 640 South Canal Street Natchez,Mississippi 39120601-446-6345 ext. 1623 (O)601-807-2566 (C) The Holiday Season is upon… »

The Parchman Ordeal Book

NAPAC MUSEUM is glad to announce that we have recived our copies of the Parchman Ordeal The Book. If you Have seen the documentary than the book will fill in the gaps with the full testimonials of the victims. After keep… »

Happy Holidy Season

As we enter into the Holiday Season , We the members of NAPAC and Museum Staff would like to wish all visitors and supporters a very safe and happy holidays. We are looking forward to sharing with you in the coming new y… »


In the coming weeks Napac will be sharing the articles presented to us from Barbara Haig. Thes articles not only explore the horrors of slavery in the immediate area of Natchez Mississippi but shed light of the mentallit… »