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The Natchez Association for the Preservation of African American Culture (NAPAC) was created in 1990 to research, collect, exhibit, interpret, and preserve the cultural and historical contributions of African Americans in the growth of Natchez and the nation. And so began, the Natchez Museum of African American Culture, May 4, 1991.


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Forks Of The Roads -2nd Largest Old Southwest Slave Market.

Pinta de Castas Paintings (1775)

The Barland Family (1782-1920)

Cradle of The Cotton Kingdom (1795)

Portraits Of Black Natchez (1880-1920)

Mattie Williams Evans Handmade Wedding Gown (1902)

Rhythm Night Club Fire (1940)

Black Education in Natchez

The Church

Natchez Civil Rights Events

Original Clementine Hunter Paintings

Richard Wright Exhibit Hall



Natchez Music Connection

Bud Scott

Elizabeth Greenfield

William Steele

Mississippi Blues Trail

The Ealey Family

Little Poochie

Elmore Williams

Alexander Lightfoot (PAPA GEORGE)

Jimmy Anderson (SOULMAN LEE)

Alexander Oneal

Hezekiah Early

Otis Smith


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