Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China
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Mist Pump is a plastic bottle that can artificially create mist. To put it simply, the high-pressure system sprays the liquid with very fine water particles. These tiny artificial mist particles can drift for a long time and are suspended in the air to form a white misty spectacle, much like the effect of nat…
yuyao jinghaiboo posted a new blog:
Rubber sealing ring is a kind of rubber product widely used in sealing technology. Because rubber has good elasticity and good heat resistance, it has strong deformability, can provide contact pressure, compensate leakage gap, and achieve sealing purpose. Damage to the seal ring will have serious consequences…
yuyao jinghaiboo posted a new blog:
Inspection standard of Lotion Pump head: 1. Bottle mouth diameter: 43/410 40/410 2. Color: white and transparent colors are conventional colors, other colors are made according to the color version provided by the customer 3. Pumped dose: 0.4±0.1/0.8±0.15g/1.6±0.15g 4: The first pumping water: ≤6 times 5: Pre…