Huzhou, Zhejiang, China
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Compared with waterproof canvas, waterproof nylon fabric … bric/ is cheaper, so cheap is a big advantage of nylon, and nylon also occupies a big advantage in production. Canvas is different. The density of canvas directly affects the physical and mechanical inde…
xi xiximin posted a new blog:
The fabric determines the process. Currently, there are mainly four types of digital printing fabric … bric/ : (1) thermal sublimation of polyester fabric: this is currently the most popular process; Because the investment threshold is low and the printing proce…
xi xiximin posted a new blog:
The waterproof nylon fabric … bric/ has many functions such as high wind resistance, high water resistance, moisture permeability, heat preservation, aging resistance, freezing resistance, abrasion resistance and so on, which can keep your body dry and comfortab…
xi xiximin posted a new blog:
Bonded is a combination of two or more kinds of fabrics. Bonded fabric … bric/ are not necessarily waterproof and breathable. This is a mistake in the market. Strictly speaking, waterproof and breathable fabrics can be called waterproof and breathable fabrics on…