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OEM is the abbreviation of Original Equipment Manufacturer in English. According to the literal meaning, it should be translated as original equipment manufacturer. It means that a manufacturer produces products and product accessories for another manufacturer according to the requirements of another manufact…
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Delivery, packaging, transportation and storage of OEM aluminum die castings (1) When there is a requirement in the contract or agreement, the supplier shall provide the purchaser with an inspection certificate to show that the sampling, testing and inspection of each batch of die-castings meet the requiremen…
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Among the current metal processing technologies, there is a fast-developing special casting method that is pressure casting. The casting process is to quickly fill the molten metal into the mold under high pressure and high speed, and crystallize and solidify under high pressure to form a casting. The main ch…
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Workers working on Lead Die Castings are very susceptible to lead poisoning, so what are the clinical manifestations of lead poisoning? Occupational lead poisoning is usually chronic. The main clinical indicators of lead poisoning are urine lead exceeding 0.08mg/l and blood lead exceeding 50μg/t. Occupational…
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Lead is a soft and malleable weak metal, toxic, and also a heavy metal. The original color of lead was bluish white, and the surface was quickly covered by a layer of dark gray oxide in the air. It can be used in construction, lead-acid batteries, warheads, welding materials, fishing equipment, fishing equipm…
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