Ninghai, Zhejiang, China
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The material and characteristics of Led Street Light Housing : 1. High-pressure die-casting aluminum molding shell, external electrostatic spray treatment, corrosion resistance, not easy to scratch. 2.4MM thick tempered glass, high safety performance. 3. High-purity embossed embossed or glossy aluminum reflec…
ninghai yuchen posted a new blog:
The Die-Cast Housing supplier introduced that street lights and landscape lights have different heights: the conventional height of street lights is 6-12 meters, and some conventional heights are 6-20 meters. However, the general height of landscape lights is 3-6 meters. This is because landscape lights are f…
ninghai yuchen posted a new blog:
LED street lights are made up of five main components: lamp post, light source, battery, solar panel and controller. It is a semiconductor based on the formation of PN junction with weak electrical energy can be a high-efficiency solid-state light source, in a certain forward bias voltage and injection curren…