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The three phase electricity meter needs to measure the maximum bidirectional demand, the maximum demand by time period and the date and time when it is used, and store the data with time stamp. The maximum demand value of the three-phase meter can be manually cleared. The maximum demand measurement adopts the…
morgan yhddb posted a new blog:
1. din rail meter has the characteristics of wide load, high accuracy, high reliability, high sensitivity, flat error curve and low power consumption. 2. din rail meter has a two-way metering function, which can accurately measure the positive and negative two-way active energy, according to the total electri…
morgan yhddb posted a new blog:
How to choose an electronic energy meter manufacturer with good quality and affordable price? First of all, we choose medium-sized companies. The prices of big brands are too expensive, and the quality is not much different from that of medium-sized companies. The craftsmanship and quality of small companies…