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The finishing work of the Drilling Tools Manufacturer ( ) after drilling and reaming and the matters needing attention when lifting the reaming bit: 1. The steps of lifting the reamer bit on the upper level are as follows: (1) Operate the drilling rig to remove the last drill pipe con…
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If you choose to cooperate with our kaiqiu Drilling Tools Manufacturer ( ), we will become your very good partner. Because we already have very rich experience in this area, the performance of the products produced fully meets your use needs, And we can also give you a lot of referenc…
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The drill rod is undoubtedly one of the most commonly used and even essential equipment in mining equipment. Taking the drill rod as an example, whether it is in mine mining or coal mining, it will be subject to different degrees of wear and tear, which is also the concern of many customers. So how can the se…
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The drill bit looks small, but its installation and use are still very particular. Anyone who is familiar with it will know. The kaiqiu Drilling Tools Manufacturer ( ) will take you to see what is worth noting in the installation and disassembly of such tools. The first is the install…
drilling kaiqiu posted a new blog:
First, the preservation of the DTH Bit ( body: 1: Be sure to clean the internal water and do proper lubrication. 2. The outside of the drill pipe, of course, also includes threads, it is best to wipe all clean. At the same time, lubricate the male and female connector…