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As long as your pp quick connect fitting are not subject to environments with excessive vibration or movement, they should always stay in place. The O-ring inside of a quick-connect usually remains in good condition for a long time, however, after many years of service the O-ring could dry out and cause a slo…
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Being made of steel, brass, iron, bronze or PVC, plastic ball valves can range in sizes from .2 to 11.81 inches. More complex control systems using valves that need to regulate flow through a pipe will need an actuator. The actuator controls the valve pneumatically or is motor-operated and keeps it positioned…
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Once youve established the action you require, then you need to take into consideration the materials, whether you need it to be Stainless or a normal Mild Steel. You will need to consider the environment you will be using the Toggle Clamp in, how much force you need, whether you need a Heavy Duty Toggle Clam…
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Installing push fit fittings in your plumbing is not as challenging as most people think. Once you’ve prepared the pipe for the plumbing fitting, you’ll find it easy to make the connection. Cut, clean, and mark the pipe for a specific fitting depth. Next, you’ll push the plumbing fitting over the pipe to get…
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Adjustable Type saddle clamp manufacturer (With Swivel Jaw) With swivel jaw beam clamps, the swivel jaws must be able to move freely. Like all other beam clamps, the SWL, identification, screw spigot, screw thread and tommy bar must also be checked along with its general condition. Here’s a list of pre-inspec…
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saddle clamp manufacturer are known for providing adequate support and portable means of attaching a hoist to a lifting beam or runway. They are crucial to the industrial sector as they offer proper support and better load control. There are 3 types of saddle clamps available in the market. Let’s take a look…