Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
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700c fixed gear bike means that the gear of the rear wheel is directly bolted to the rear wheel (unlike ordinary bicycles, the rear wheel gear and the rear wheel are connected by a ratchet pawl. The rear wheel is not affected by the reverse pedal Force) bicycle. The 700c fixed gear bicycle is equivalent to 28…
hang yi posted a new blog:
"City bicycle manufacturers" is a name that represents a specific type of bicycle. At the same time, "city bike" is also an adjective, used to describe the kind of people who love and enjoy life. City bicycles are bicycles designed for residents living in cities to relieve certain urban tr…
hang yi posted a new blog:
A fixed bike is also called “dead fly. The literal interpretation is that the flywheel is dead. In ordinary bicycles, the flywheel is “alive”. In this way, when a person steps on the wheel, the wheel rotates, but when the wheel rotates, one does not need to step on it. 700c fixed gear bike is a kind of fixed…