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When shopping for Curtain finial, consider the material, color and finish. First, select a material that matches or complements the curtain rods. The most common curtain rod materials are wood, metal, brass and nickel. Finial Materials Wood finial, glass finial, nickel finial Popular curtain rod and finial co…
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What Are Curtain Rods? Custom Curtain rod and rails, along with their complementary accessories, are the equipment necessary to support drapery and window treatments throughout your home. Drapery Rods Direct customers can choose from a variety of both hidden and visible hardware made from quality materials su…
fenghao tommy posted a new blog:
CURTAIN RINGS Easy alternatives to traditional standard Custom Curtain rod, curtain rod clip rings are a popular choice to quickly hang light to medium weight panels, drapes, curtains or sheers. Simply slide rings over your curtain rod and clip the ring to the top of your drapery panel. Accommodating rods tha…