al-Aġwāt, al-Aġwāt, Algeria
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Cassidy vanepump posted a new blog:
The medium of high temperature heavy Fixed Vane Pumps has the following common characteristics: 1. High temperature: generally 340~400℃; 2. The medium viscosity is large: the general kinematic viscosity at temperature is (12~180)×10-6m/s; 3. The medium has particles: such as catalyst, coke, sand and other imp…
Cassidy vanepump posted a new blog:
Many users will encounter such a problem when using Vane Pumps Cartridge Kits. The pump oil cannot be sucked up, and the pressure can not rise, causing the vane pump to fail to work normally. What is the reason for this phenomenon? The possible reasons are the speed problem, that is, the motor speed is too lo…