Natchez, Mississippi, United States
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Normal. Average. Mediocre. When you’re dreaming of building your own business, these are not the words entering your mind. Yet so many business owners end up settling, getting trapped in No Man’s Land. No Man’s Land is where dreams go to die. You want to avoid it at all costs, as a Trunited Business Owner and…
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The Freemanresearch Group has unleashed a brand ne blog site that reflects todays America and the can impact our future . Take a look , join and share your thoughts daily. https//
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Being a non -profit as well as a volunteer operated Museum on cultural History our museum has taken a very large hit on it's income. Being the director of the museum I am asking all that can please send a small donation either through the website or mail to NAPAC Museum 301 Main Street Natchez Ms, 39120…
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From Judy Rose book I have found ancestors and connections to my past and Truth of what I have been told as a child from listening from grandparents and discovering the family origin . I have never spoken to an person that was connected to me as a direct f direct ancestor trough the slavery trade .. There is…
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The motive of establishing our country has been in planted in every American mind since the establishment of capitalistic imperialism after the arrival of The Mayflower. But eventually we turned away from all the freedoms the so called European founders established for the depress Let's exam this with si…