The Parchman Ordeal Book

NAPAC MUSEUM is glad to announce that we have recived our copies of the Parchman Ordeal The Book. If you Have seen the documentary than the book will fill in the gaps with the full testimonials of the victims. After keeping this story hidden for more than 50 years now you can not only see the emotional scars but you get to read the stories of the victims and feel their pain as they relive those moments.If you cannot come to the museum to pick up your copy purchase it here . Parchman Ordeal Book…

Happy Holidy Season

As we enter into the Holiday Season , We the members of NAPAC and Museum Staff would like to wish all visitors and supporters a very safe and happy holidays. We are looking forward to sharing with you in the coming new year new exhibits as well as new untold stories of the magnificent contributions the Black Americans contribute toward the building of this great nation.


In the coming weeks Napac will be sharing the articles presented to us from Barbara Haig. Thes articles not only explore the horrors of slavery in the immediate area of Natchez Mississippi but shed light of the mentallity of slavery and it's abolishment. All of the for coming stories are published in The New York Review November 4 1993 .Their reference material will be from Tumult and Silence : An inquiry into a Civil War Conspiracy. By Winthrop D Jordan , Louisiana State University Press.