Script of whats to come (BLACK AND BLUE )

Except of Act One script of Union Navy African Descent
Freedom fighter in Battle of Galveston Texas Teachable take away at 10th annual
Black and Blue Civil War Event 10-14-17: Yes Galveston Texas was captured
before Juneteenth.
Rally, rally! Rally for the Civil
War’s greatest generations of Union African descent freedom fighters! Instead
of Removing confederate monuments and
Tenth Annual Lower Mississippi Valley Black and Blue Civil
War History Program
October 14, 2017 at Historic Jefferson College Campus in
Washington Ms. 10 A. M.
Rally to Raise up
Black Civil War—Civil Rights History & Not take down Confederate Monuments!
Come see and learn how the Greatest Generations of enslaved
and non-enslaved African descent people helped to defeat the Confederates whose
statues are being removed from public places. Please use the same amount of
energy and time showing and educating about how chattel slavery was destroyed
by these greatest generations of African descent freedom fighters instead of
removing confederate monuments and symbols!
Holmes USS Owasco Galveston
Tx……Jamal McCullen in Navy Uniform
My name is
Jackson Holmes,
I was a slave on a plantation up at Point
Near Homer Louisiana, some say I was born
But I don’t know what date I was born on,
I is what they call a blacksmith,
Early on in 1862, when the union army troops,
Started coming down the Louisiana side of the
Mississippi river,
I run away from Point Pleasant and headed
The Mississippi river looking to get my
By offering my blacksmith services to the union
Ducking and hiding from Confederate cavalrymen,
Who were just about everywhere in the backwoods
of eastern Louisiana,
I made my way to the Mississippi river,
Just below Vicksburg on the Louisiana side,
I didn’t see any union soldiers at the time,
But there was what they call a flotilla of,
Union Navy warships standing in the Mississippi
gitting ready to bombard Confederate rebels dug
in at Vicksburg,
This union flotilla was under the leadership
David Farragut who had succeeded in capturing,
Orleans and Baton Rouge earlier in 1862,
One of
the Union warships in the flotilla that participated,
In the
capture of New Orleans and Baton Rouge,
Was called the USS Owasco,
The Owasco was one of seven steam ships
To Farrugut’s flotilla to tow navy schooner
boats and,
Help them to navigate safely in the tricky
currents of the Mississippi River,
When Farragut’s flotilla came up the
The USS Owasco helped to tow the schooners up the river,
To just below Vicksburg,
This is where I enlisted in the United States
I got on board the USS Owasco and enlisted on
June 24, 1862,
I got the sailor rank of 1st Class
Two days later on June 26, 1862,
The Union warships started bombarding the
Confederate rebels,
Dug in on the side of the cliffs in the hills
at Vicksburg,
Our warships bombarded Vicksburg all through July of 1862,
But the rebels’ from their hill side
Heaped powerful artillery and musket fire
down on us,
So much so, our forces could not get close
To land and we did not have enough soldiers
to fight if we did,
Admiral Farragut ordered the flotilla to give
up trying to,
Force the rebels to surrender,
Once Our warships and tow boats made it
safely past,
The Confederate artilleries at Grand Gulf
Mississippi and,
Port Hudson Louisiana,
We headed on down the river to New Orleans,
Which was under the control of the Union
The United States Navy had started a blockade
Galveston Texas Harbor back in July of 1861,
But Galveston still remained controlled by
the Confederate rebels,
A year
later in 1862,
On September 22, 1862, President Lincoln done issued,
A Emancipation Proclamation, that warned the south,
To stop its rebellion against the United States,
Or come that January 1, 1863, “slaves”
In the rebelling states can go free,
About this time, the Union
turned its attention back to Texas,
From New Orleans the United States Navy sent a fleet,
Of warships and boats to attack Galveston
Led by the USS Westfield, the USS Harriet Lane, my ship the USS Owasco,
The USS Clifton, and the USS Henry Jane,
We sailed into the Galveston Harbor at the end
of September in 1862,
Want learn the rest of this
particular living history story come on October 14, 2017 and bring others!
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