Various Types of Washer Motors

The Washer Motor is divided according to the structural types: pulsator type, and drum type.

First, the pulsator washer motor

It uses a capacitor-operated single-phase AC asynchronous motor structure.

(1) Abrasion motor

The motor runs beneath amount conditions, the starting torque is large, the afflict adequacy is strong, the starting accepted is small, and it is simple to be absolute and negative.

1. Stator ambagious anatomy characteristics

The ambit of the absolutely balanced wire diameter, amount of turns, pole angle and angle of the two stator windings are absolutely the same, and the DC attrition ethics are aswell equal.

2. The affiliation amid the stator ambagious development diagram and the base ambagious braid is antipodal in series, that is, the arch and the head, and the appendage and appendage are connected.

(2) Aridity Motor

1. Structural appearance of the aridity motor

Single-phase 4-pole capacitor active asynchronous motor. The starting torque is large, the afflict adequacy is good, the circling acceleration is high, and the blooper amount is small. In one administration of rotation, the stator windings accept primary and accessory points. Short-term work.

2. The stator ambagious development diagram of the aridity motor and the base operation capacitance are anchored in alternation with the accessory winding.

Second, the motor of the boom blazon abrasion machine

Motor characteristics: ample starting amount torque, able afflict capability, and overheat protection. There are four types of motors: DC abiding magnet, coaxial combination, two-speed pole-changing, single-phase alternation excitation. The aberration with the pulsator abrasion machine:

1. Abrasion and dewatering, ample acceleration ratio, top torque, low accepted starting performance.

2. Two speeds: 12 low acceleration and 2 top speed.

3. When the amount of laundry and the amount of water change, the rotation speed is increased or decreased, and the starting performance and mechanical properties are better. If you wanna konw more information about washing machine motor, please click NanYang Motor