Lyophilization Equipment Maintenance Work

The Lyophilization Equipment ( … ryer/) adopts high-efficiency radiation heating, and the materials are uniformly heated; High efficiency water catching cold trap is adopted and quick defrosting can be realized. High efficiency vacuum unit is adopted and oil-water separation can be realized. Using parallel centralized refrigeration system, multi-channel on-demand cooling, stable working conditions, favorable for energy conservation; Artificial intelligence control is adopted, with high control precision and convenient operation. After the freeze-drying equipment has been working for a long time, it needs to be maintained regularly, and there is still a lot of preparation work to be done before maintenance. Let's talk about it carefully.

First, the freeze-drying equipment needs to be prepared before maintenance:

1. Only personnel with professional knowledge can maintain or repair the refrigeration system.

2. The electrical components of the refrigeration system have high voltage. Therefore, when maintaining or repairing the refrigeration system, the power supply should be cut off first.

3. After the power supply is turned on, the power switch is turned on. Even if there is no operating equipment, the compressor may start to recover refrigerant at any time.

4. The high temperature of the high-pressure part of the refrigeration system reaches above 100 DEG C to prevent scalding, and the low temperature of the low-pressure part of the refrigeration system reaches below-70 DEG C to prevent frostbite.

5. Refrigerant in the refrigeration system pollutes the atmosphere and cannot be discharged at will. When discharging refrigerant, please start from the high-pressure part of the refrigeration system and ensure that the cooling water of the water condenser is in a flowing state to prevent water freezing crack.

6. Do not operate in a closed environment or open flame when filling and discharging refrigerant to avoid suffocation and poisoning.

7. Wear personal protection for refrigerant filling and discharging, and operate carefully to prevent liquid refrigerant from splashing into eyes or skin.

8. It is forbidden to weld or disassemble components of the refrigeration system under pressure.

9. Please refer to local environmental protection requirements for treatment of refrigerating machine oil in refrigeration system.

II. Routine Maintenance Items of Freeze-dried Fruit Machine

The refrigeration system is the core system of the freeze-dried fruit machine. Its stability determines the quality of freeze-dried products. Therefore, the stable operation of the refrigeration system is critical. The refrigeration system is composed of relevant valves and pipe fittings, and is controlled and protected by external pressure relay, temperature sensor and PLC. In order to ensure the stable operation of the refrigeration system, it is necessary to check whether the pressure gauge and temperature gauge are operating within the scope, listen to whether there is noise in the operation of the equipment, check whether the equipment is leaking or leaking, and do a good job in the maintenance of the equipment in time, change the refrigerating machine oil and filter in time, and clean the scale in the water condenser in time.

The above is the preparation work and routine maintenance method to be done before the freeze-dried fruit machine is maintained, and the quality requirements of the Freeze Dried Fruit Machine ( … ment/) for freeze-dried products are: the biological activity is unchanged, the appearance and color are uniform, the shape is full, the structure is firm, the dissolution speed is fast, and the residual moisture is low. In order to obtain high quality products, we should have a comprehensive understanding of the theory and technology of freeze-drying. The freeze-drying process includes three stages: pre-freezing, sublimation and re-freeze-drying. Reasonable and effective shortening of freeze-drying cycle has obvious economic value in industrial production.