Reducing body fat rate is the key to weight loss

A healthy body lies in the balance of body fat. Excessive accumulation of fat is harmful to the body and causes various diseases. Human body fat is an important part of the human body. It has important functions and functions in the human body, such as providing energy, protecting internal organs, maintaining body temperature, assisting the absorption of water-soluble vitamins, and participating in human metabolic activities. However, too much fat will affect human health, leading to diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. In addition, obese patients often face various distresses such as being afraid of heat, affecting their body shape, and being easy to fatigue. Therefore, doctors and experts recommend that the body shape be controlled within a certain range. With the improvement of people's living standards, health issues are getting more and more attention, which also promotes the development of science for body composition measurement.

There are many methods of measuring human body composition, especially body fat, mainly including underwater weighing method, skin folding method, bioelectrical impedance analysis method, etc. In addition, there are relatively rapid development of dual-energy X-ray absorption method, computer tomography method, magnetic resonance method, etc. in recent years, but these methods require more expensive equipment and professional training, and patients are easily exposed to radiation and are not suitable for home use. . The BIA method is easy to use, the measurement results are relatively accurate, and the price is relatively low, which is favored by consumers.

The theory of BIA is based on BIA is a technology designed to estimate body composition according to the different conductive properties of different body tissues. After the body tissue is connected to a current with a frequency greater than 50kHz, the current can pass through the extracellular fluid. But part of the current will be absorbed by the cell membrane (resistance, R); part of the current is temporarily charged by the cell membrane and slow down the speed of the current. This is the resistance (reactance,). Impedrance (Z) is the sum of resistance and resistance, usually resistance accounts for more than 90 percent.

Electronic body fat scale is based on the above principles, using the electrode pads on the surface of the scale body to contact the user's legs, passing a certain safe current to measure the body resistance. Then based on the input user data and the measured body resistance, we use the The formulas obtained from extensive experiments can accurately measure body composition such as body fat percentage, body water percentage, body muscle percentage, and bone weight.

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