How To Extend The Service Life Of Tubular Motor

Under normal use, use Tubular Motor running times and hours to measure. The higher the frequency in use, the earlier it will break.

The service life of a Tubular Motor depends on many components, the main content is the circuit part, coils, capacitors, resistors, etc., it will burn if the current is large, and it will burn after normal use. Rotating mechanisms, gears, especially plastic and nylon gears are easy to break. The iron gear is better.

Abnormal noise can be divided into the excessive current. It may be caused by increased friction of the entire mechanism, stuck, and a large current is required, or it may have poor contact and spark operation. Abnormal sound of mechanical collision and friction. It may be that there is a lack of lubricating oil or the positions of the mechanical structures are not accurate and collide with each other.

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