Application Of Vegetable Processing Machine

The Pre Processing Equipment ( … ment/)removes the kernels in peaches and apricots by rotating toothed disc rollers and rubber rollers to obtain blocky pulp. Because peaches and apricots have hard kernels, when the peaches and apricots are denucleated, the raw materials are pressed between the two rollers through certain equipment. The proper distance between the two rollers is determined according to different fruits. Fruit is fed into the hopper by the front equipment, and the fruit pressing plate is driven by the crank connecting rod mechanism to press the fruit between the two rollers. The two rollers rotate opposite to each other, part of the fruit pulp is pressed into the gap between the tooth rollers, the fruit core is squeezed into the rubber roller with elasticity, and the comb plate digs out the pulp from the gap between the tooth plates. The fruit and that fruit core separately ent two different collecting hopper. The pulp enters a crusher to be refined, and the kernel with the meat enters a kernel washing machine to completely separate the pulp from the kernel. The machine is equipped with panels to prevent fruit from leaking out during processing.
The vegetable processing machine comprises a nuclear removing machine and a nuclear washing machine
The Vegetable Processing Machine ( … line/) consists of a machine frame, a feeding hopper, a fruit pressing device for pressing fruits between two rollers, a crank connecting rod mechanism, a roller coated with a layer of vulcanized rubber (vinyl roller), a toothed roller consisting of toothed discs and spacers, a device for extracting pulp (comb plate), a pulp-kernel separating device, a speed reducer, a protected panel and a hopper for collecting fruit kernel pulp.