Pet-food-container Teach You Choose Waste Bin

First, we should follow safety and health principles. Urban residents need close contact when they use public facilities. Therefore, hygiene and safety are particularly important.

the production materials of the Waste Bin should be safe. So it’s important to choose materials with strong corrosion resistance and easy to clean;

avoid contact with the hands as much as possible;

the shape, structure and scale design of the waste bin should conform to the safety standards stipulated by the state. For the garbage bins in the living quarters, the design should avoid sharp edges and corners, providing safety and convenience for the elderly and children.

the size of the bins should be designed to prevent children from climbing into accidents.

Second, we should should follow Human-computer interaction principle. Usually the process of throwing garbage is only a few seconds. If you encounter a human-computer interaction obstacle when using a public garbage bin, such as, you don't know how to turn it on, opening method is laborious or you cannot quickly determine which sorting bin to deliver, etc. People are confused and cannot follow the design to complete the operation process. Therefore, the design of the garbage can should follow the principle of easy-to-identify and easy-to-operate human-computer interaction, and the text or graphic description of the operation mode and use requirements should be easy to understand.

Finally, we should follow coordination with the environment principles. Urban public waste bins are coordinated with the surrounding environment. They are an important part of public environmental facilities and exist between cities as part of the urban landscape environmental system. The design of public facilities with environmental art characteristics should follow the principle of harmony with the environment: the facilities and facilities should be coordinated, and the facilities and the surrounding environment should be harmonious.

The facilities should reflect the cultural characteristics of the city and reflect the unique tradition and culture of the city. The design of the urban waste bin can be coordinated with the surrounding environment: for example, the public waste bin on the streets of Xi'an in the ancient city, the color is simple with representative traditional cultural elements, which matches the characteristics of the city's long history and culture, and becomes the highlight of the city streets.

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