Gel cool ice pad guarantees your safety

Many Cool Gel Mats on the market are square, as the cushion is also barely enough, on the bed piece is a bit small. The size of this gel pad is 45 cm x 30 cm, wider than ordinary ice mat, there are larger sizes to choose from. Inside the gel material and heat paste similar, even at lower temperatures when the internal will not be crystalline, positive and negative materials can contact the skin.

Cool: multi-functional ice pad

This is a crystalline ice pad, the filler material below 27 degrees is solid, with the temperature will become liquid. Its advantage is relatively constant temperature, cooler than other types of ice mats, the disadvantage is that when relatively hot, need to be placed in the water before the cooling, or by their own difficult to crystallize. And when you just touch the human body, you may feel a piece of solid ice crystals, not particularly comfortable.

Cheap: Jiugongge ice pad

Due to the cooling material, some ice mats are designed to be more resistant to the pressure of the Jiugong grid, which on the other hand makes it better folding performance. Either when the cushion, but also when the notebook cooling pad, folded up but also under the wrist or directly as a small pillow. This ice pad of filler material in addition to ice and water, but also in advance in the low temperature environment, the service life is relatively long.

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