Reliable Application Of Protein Bar Extruder

As the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, people have begun to pre-order various mooncakes to prepare for a wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival. The Egg Yolk Crisis that is staged every year is no exception this year. Faced with this large number of orders, the industry will definitely be overwhelmed if it is handmade. But don’t worry, today’s article is going to teach you how to automate the production of delicious egg yolk cakes, so that you can increase your production capacity on the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival and have a full harvest!

The ancients have said that "August and 15th are full, and the Mid-Autumn Festival mooncakes are fragrant and sweet." When it comes to Mid-Autumn Festival, it is impossible to mention the fascinating mooncakes. Among the many moon cake choices, egg yolk cake has always been the first choice in many people's minds. Egg yolk cake is a kind of Taiwanese moon cake. The outer skin is crispy and rich in layers. After cutting, the golden and oily egg yolk is covered with plump filling like a bright moon. The double taste of sweet and salty mixture makes the egg yolk pastry popular among the public, becoming one of the must-eat delicacies in the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The Protein Bar Extruder ( … uder/ ) is an automatic and high-speed encrusting machine with a color touch panel and simple and convenient operation. You only need to set the product weight, size, skin filling ratio, and production speed, and then it can be put into mass production, encrusting and forming , Split automated production KN500 also provides various optional devices to expand customer product styles. Take egg yolk pastry as an example, it can also be packaged with a stick pastry machine

Contains a multi-layered outer skin, allowing you to reduce a lot of time in production. If you want to make a product with multiple fillings, you only need to install a double filling device to produce a single-shell double-filling product or a double-shell single-filled product; a solids device can be added to pack a whole salted egg yolk and other solid ingredients to achieve The high efficiency of one machine with multiple functions.

Solid object device

The solid object device is specially designed for multiple filling products, which can be filled with solid fillings, such as: boiled eggs, egg yolks, nuts, fruits, dried fruit, mushrooms, diced meat, pork floss, dried meat... etc. Just put the stuffing into the hole on the turntable, and the stuffing is filled into the product by the punch, and the stuffing is automatically filled. Take the egg yolk cake as an example. You don’t need to manually pack the egg yolks one by one in the filling, and you have to worry about the different sizes of the pinched yolks, which will affect the appearance. As long as there is a solid device, each yolk cake can maintain the same quality and productivity. Can also be greatly improved.

When the Mid-Autumn Festival arrives, egg yolk cakes will always create a trend in the market. Many Encrusting Machine Manufacturer ( … hine/ ) are often too busy to deliver because of the large number of orders, working overtime until midnight.