Beautiful printed fabric

Since ancient times, printed fabric has been regarded as a very beautiful fabric. The history of printed fabrics is relatively long. So, let’s find out now.

Blue printed fabrics have been in circulation for a long time since ancient times. Of course, the modern craftsmanship of blue printed fabrics is certainly not the same as the ancient ones. Do you know anything about ancient craftsmanship?

Nantong folk blue printed fabrics began in the Ming Dynasty and have been passed down to the present. Through the unremitting efforts of generations of folk artists, especially contemporary folk craftsmen, they have moved from a single homespun product to a variety of fabric products, from a practical life to a practical, decorative variety of types, and from a field to an urban city. The brilliance.

Extract the blue dye from Polygonum vulgare, spread the hollow pattern on the white cloth, use a squeegee to scrape the anti-dyeing agent into the pattern gap and print it on the cloth. After drying, put it in the dyeing vat and place it in the vat for 20 minutes Take out the oxidation and ventilate for 30 minutes, usually after 6 to 8 times of repeated dyeing to achieve the desired color. Then take it out and oxidize it in the air, dry it and scrape off the anti-dyeing paste powder to show a blue and white pattern.

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