Led Street Light Housing Supplier Introduces That The Floodlight Housing Is Environmentally Friendly

LED floodlights are used in many places, and some floodlights will choose to be placed near the water, compared to bridges, parks and pools, etc., all for the purpose of highlighting the surrounding atmosphere and lighting tools at night. If you want to use a flood light in such a place, then the LED flood light housing must have the function of waterproof and moisture-proof. Led Street Light Housing Supplier introduces some knowledge points about LED flood light housing.

Quayside crane lighting generally uses sodium lamp floodlights. In recent years, in response to energy conservation and emission reduction, the green port call has adopted LED floodlight housings as lighting tools. Not only is the housing of LED floodlights environmentally friendly, but more importantly, if sodium floodlights are used at the water's edge, not only is the energy consumption high, but also frequent lamp failures. Sodium lamp floodlights mainly occur in the floodlights of small cars, front beams, middle beams, and rear beams. Among them, the failure rate of the small car floodlights is high, so repeated repairs are required, maintenance costs are high, and risks are high. Instead of this, it is better to use LED floodlight housings with good environmental lighting capabilities. In fact, not only LED floodlights are used, but generally based on the quay crane structure, the lamps used include floodlights, floodlights, aisle lights, etc. Because it is to be installed near the water, we generally have high requirements for waterproofing of the LED floodlight housing. If the power cord inlet hole of the electric box leaks, water leaks in the wire inlet hole of the lamp, which will cause water to accumulate in the lamp, and the bulb will turn on to generate high temperature, which will heat the accumulated water to form water vapor, increase the humidity, and increase the conductivity of the air. Causes the bulb glass to deform and break or the current is conducted between the socket wire and the metal base to cause a trip. In serious cases, the lamp may shake or vibrate, causing damage to the bulb.

The use of LED floodlight housings can be said to be an advancement of the times. LED lamps are now used in many places, not only for outdoor facilities, but also for home lighting. Environment-friendly, energy-saving, and safe LED lamps with various advantages.

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