Eec Electric Bike Manufacturer Introduces The Role Of Electric Bike Motor Rated Power

EEC Electric Bike Manufacturer introduces what is the rated power of electric bike motors

The rated power of an electric vehicle motor is an important parameter for type testing of a motor. It indicates that when the motor is working at this power point, the motor can run continuously and reliably, which represents the thermal balance point of the motor design. Generally, the rated power point of an electric vehicle motor can be 150W, 180W or 200W or more. The higher the rated point, the better the thermal performance of the motor and the higher the cost.

Since it is impossible for an electric vehicle to work under no-load conditions, a normal cyclist generally weighs more than 30 kg. Considering normal wind resistance and other factors, the minimum operating point (output power) of an electric vehicle is about 80W, the maximum The output power depends on the design of the motor. At present, the maximum output power of the better electric vehicles on the market can generally reach more than 200W, and the individual poorer motors are less than 200W.

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