Where Can We Use Food Can Making Machine?

The small Food Can Making Machine can work as a stand-alone machine or can cooperate with the conveyor line for assembly line production. The small can sealing machine not only improves the production capacity and filling efficiency of the small can sealing machine, but also expands the scope of application, from manual to semi-automatic, from semi-automatic production to fully automatic production, and efficiently completes the filling and sealing operations of various beverages. It is a new generation product that replaces manual operation and manual semi-automatic production in today's beverage equipment industry. It is an ideal equipment for large beverage factories and food industries.

The Food Can Making Machine has superiority over the semi-automatic small can sealing machine and manual operation, computer control, and high production efficiency. The whole machine is made of food-grade stainless steel." The small can-sealing machine is controlled by a microcomputer without manual intervention, which improves production efficiency. Automatic filling and automatic sealing, reasonable results, advanced quantitative filling technology and stable sealing technology, reliable operation , Low operating cost; general service life can be increased by more than 5 years.

The Food Can Making Machine integrates filling, sealing, coding and integration. The whole process includes automatic cup dropping, automatic quantitative filling, automatic sealing, automatic coding flow and integrated equipment. Rigid container refers to a container whose shape is not easy to change after the container is formed. Its sealing is mostly small-scale can sealing machine with different forms of lid, commonly used sealing machine.

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