11th Annual Blacks in Blue Civil War Living History Program

I am filled with great expectations with the release of the venue for this years living history presentation by award winning Ser Seshsh Ab Heter- CM Boxley.. For the past ten years he has enriched our knowledge with bringing history of little talked about facts involinvg the Black participation in the struggle for freedom .
This years presentation brings back to us the role of the 3rd U.S. Cavalry Re-Enactors from Florida. Their performance is awesome and gives the viewer the the sense of the absolute control of horsemanship needed to perform their task well.

This years re-enactment will be the stopping of fugitive Confederate President Jefferson Davis and 500 Confederate Solders from escaping across the Mississippi River in the Old Natchez District to Texas or Mexico and continue the Civil War after the South surrendered in April of 1865.

Mark October 27 2018 on your schedule today and began preparations for a visit to Natchez Jefferson College to experience a feel of History being made.