Electric Bike Manufacturer Introduces The Knowledge Of Using A Multimeter To Measure

Electric Bike Manufacturer introduces how to use a multimeter to test?

Measure whether the resistance between A/B/C three phases is equal. The greater the value difference, the worse the motor performance. And the greater the motor power, the smaller the resistance! But it can't be 0 ohms for all three phases, unless it is a particularly large motor above 50KW, but this current electric vehicle application can be said to be no.

1. Use a 500V megohmmeter to measure the insulation resistance between the motor winding and the casing, and it should not be less than 0.5 megohm; use a multimeter to measure the leads of the windings, there is no disconnection, both meet the requirements, and the motor performance is good.

2. It is more convenient to use a pointer multimeter to detect capacitors (there are also digital meters with capacitance files, which can be directly measured).
Set the multimeter to the 1K or 10K resistance range and measure the 2 leads of the capacitor. The needle quickly deflects to the right and then slowly returns to the left capacitor, indicating that the capacitor is better; always to the right, indicating that the capacitor has been broken down; the pointer does not move Then the inside of the capacitor is disconnected or has no capacity. Use a multimeter to measure the inter-chip voltage between the commutators. If there are no inter-chip voltages between the two segments have the same law, the winding is normal.

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