Choose the Right Curtain Final In a Right Way

When shopping for Curtain finial, consider the material, color and finish.

First, select a material that matches or complements the curtain rods. The most common curtain rod materials are wood, metal, brass and nickel.

Finial Materials
Wood finial, glass finial, nickel finial

Popular curtain rod and finial combinations include:
Nickel rods with nickel or glass finials
Steel rods with bronze finials
Brass rods with brass or glass finials
Wood rods with wood or bronze finials
Next, select a color and finish that matches your curtain rods.

For instance, glass and acrylic finials tend to be clear or white. They match well with silver or gunmetal gray curtain rods. Oil rubbed bronze finials go well with bronze curtain rods, whereas black finials compliment black curtain rods.

Finial Colors
Bronze finial with bronze rod, glass finial with nickel rod, black open work finial with steel rod

Finally, make sure the style of your finials matches the room decor (like traditional or modern). Ball finials and open work finials suit modern decor, whereas glass finials or ornate finials are suited for traditional home decor.

Finial Styles
Modern ball finial, fleur-de-lis

Though there are many standard combinations, remember that there are no set rules when it comes to pairing curtain hardware and accessories. Use your best judgment or eye for design when it comes to choosing the right finials for your rods and curtains.

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