Remembering Natchez College

The doorway to success is through education. From my early childhood years it was pounded into me the three r”s ( reading , writing , and arithmetic ) the core elements needed to survive and move upward in a society that oppress and suppress the individual talents and ambitions of a people simply to maintain control.

Growing up in Natchez I was privileged to be exposed to Natchez College at an early age. By Natchez College being a school run by the Mississippi Baptist Convention and I being a member of a Baptist Church we would always hear of the project needed for funding and the continuing financial support needed to keep its doors open. The mission of Natchez College was a constant buzz in the church community and it became a worthy tool to the community as a viable pathway to higher education for the families of those churches and others seeking to expand their education.
The failure of this institution to survive the challenges of time has not damped the will and need of higher learning for the community, but Natchez College continues to educate us through the accomplishments of those that has passed through her doors over time.
Thank you, Natchez College, for your existence and legacy for it has delivered a drive of a need to strive for betterment in a community and a people.

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