Plastic Balls Manufacturer Shares The Characteristics Of Rubber Seals

Rubber sealing ring is a kind of rubber product widely used in sealing technology. Because rubber has good elasticity and good heat resistance, it has strong deformability, can provide contact pressure, compensate leakage gap, and achieve sealing purpose. Damage to the seal ring will have serious consequences, so it needs high attention. Below, Glass Ball Manufacturer will come to share under what circumstances will be damaged.

1. The local damage may be due to rough installation or the sealing surface is not smooth. The reason for the non-smooth sealing surface is not only the quality of work, but also the internal cleanliness of the system, which contains moisture or impurities in the oil, causing the sealing surface to be scratched or corroded, plus the rotating parts.
2. If the sealing ring expands and deforms, it means that the hydraulic oil or sealing ring material is not properly selected.
3. The flattening deformation of the seal ring is mainly due to the low quality of the material and insufficient elasticity.
4. If the seal ring ruptures, it indicates that the hydraulic system is overheated, and the quality, type, cooling condition, and pressure of the oil should be checked. During the storage of rubber products, it is easy to cause aging and deterioration under the influence of oxygen, ultraviolet rays in sunlight, high temperature and other factors, which reduces its elasticity and strength. If you install an aging rubber seal, it will inevitably cause the seal to rupture.
5. Severe wear of the sealing ring belongs to poor lubrication, and if it is kinked, it is improperly installed.
6. Radial cuts or bites in the seal ring may be due to excessive pressure, sharp corners, excessively large sealing gaps in the moving parts, or improper installation and too soft seal ring materials.

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