Electric Bike Factory Shares The Characteristics Of Batteries

Electric vehicle batteries will generate a lot of heat during charging and use. If they are not evacuated in time, there will be excessive temperature, frequent electric vehicle overheating, and even spontaneous combustion. Here Electric Bike Factory can help you.

1. The battery installation location should be reasonable

The design of the battery position of an electric vehicle cannot be designed to be far away. Although it is safe, it will cause the cable to elongate, the resistance increases, the cable temperature rises quickly, and the electrical energy consumption is large. Too close is not conducive to people's riding. At the same time, shifting to the left or right may cause a lot of trouble during the ride, leading to a fall or other accidents.

2. Charger with fan

Be sure to use exhaust air. Try not to use a suction charger. If it is suction, it is equivalent to buying a vacuum cleaner. After a long time, the dust inside is enough to cause poor heat dissipation. It is recommended to use natural heat dissipation.

3. there must be a good ventilation environment

Although most of the battery is exposed, there is still a large part hidden inside the electric vehicle. If the heat dissipation and ventilation environment of this part is not good, it will cause poor heat dissipation. Poor heat dissipation will inevitably accumulate in the battery compartment, affecting the user's comfort and battery life.

4. should be high, not low

The battery contains water, which is the guarantee for the chemical reaction of the battery. The lack of water in the battery will seriously affect its electrolysis reaction. Therefore, it is best to choose a higher installation position. In addition, the battery cannot be filled with water, and if the battery is too low, it will be soaked in rain, causing the battery to malfunction.

5. choose high-quality batteries

Choose better quality electric vehicle batteries for long-term use, so try to choose high-quality, well-reputed brand batteries.