Cationic Fabric Will Show A Two-colour Effect

Cations are woven from two different polyester raw materials. It can be understood that modified polyester fibers and ordinary polyester fibers are coloured with different dyes. Dyes are also used for dyeing, ordinary dyes are used for polyester fibers and cationic dyes are used for cationic fabric … bric/ . The cloth surface effect will have a two-color effect.

Two different kinds of yarns, in the process of yarn colouring, other yarns will be dyed with colour, while cationic yarns will not be dyed. In this case, dyed yarns will show a two-colour effect, and yarns with this effect can be made into various types of clothing, so the cationic fabric will be produced.

What are the characteristics of cationic fabric?

The two-colour effect can replace some simple dyed fabrics and reduce the cost of fabrics, but it cannot replace complex dyed fabrics.

It has bright colour and is very suitable for artificial fiber, but it is very poor in washing and light fastness for natural cellulose and protein fabrics.

Cationic fabric have some chemical properties, such as corrosion resistance, dilute alkali resistance, bleach resistance, oxidant, hydrocarbons, ketones, petroleum products and inorganic acids, as well as some physical properties, such as UV resistance.

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