The Solar Path Light Manufacturers Are Stable And Reliable, And Are Not Easy To Break Down

Solar path light is a kind of outdoor lighting light, which is usually installed on the light pole below 6 meters. Its main components are light source, light and light panel. solar path light manufacturers usually have diverse shapes.

1. The solar path light is made of high-quality PC pipe, which is waterproof, dustproof, pressure-resistant, cracked, high temperature resistant, low temperature resistant, flame retardant, impact resistant, anti-aging and ultraviolet resistant.

2. It is stable and reliable, not easy to be damaged, and the maintenance cost is extremely low.

Compared with high-voltage neon lights, led outdoor lighting is antistatic and has strong interference. It is a semiconductor device with low failure rate and can save a lot of maintenance costs. The working voltage of LED outdoor lights is only about 20VDC or even 10VDC to work normally. The human body is always safe voltage.

3. Energy saving and environmental protection, no radiation, no pollution

Because the led outdoor lighting light directly converts about 90% of electric energy into visible light, the luminous efficiency is high, and basically no heat is generated. With the same luminous brightness, the power can be as low as one tenth of that of a traditional electric light source.

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