Modular houses have the same quality

Modular houses generally use steel frame structures or thin-walled steel column shear wall structures. Compared with general brick-concrete structure houses, the structure has good ductility, large vertical component bearing capacity reserves, and the flexible connection between the envelope and the main structure can resist high-intensity earthquakes and truly "do not collapse". The structure has light weight (approximately 30% of the traditional brick-concrete structure), small earthquake response, less cost for structural seismic measures, and is suitable for earthquake-prone areas. Due to the use of a variety of lightweight and efficient wall and floor materials, the load under the column is small, which can greatly reduce the foundation cost, especially for areas with poor geological conditions.

The wall thickness of general brick-concrete structure houses is mostly 240-370mm, while the wall thickness of modular houses is generally 200mm, which is about 1/2-1/3 of the traditional structure; the thickness of the internal partition wall is 100mm, which is about traditional 1/2 of the structure divided wall; the floor slab has no main beam, and the clearance is increased by about 100-200mm. The indoor usable area of ​​the modular house is much larger than that of the traditional brick-concrete structure house, and the usable area rate in the building suite is about 8-13% higher than that of the traditional structure, and the utilization rate is high.

Modular house construction system has self-contained system of polymer building material sub-component systems such as walls, roofs, doors and windows, decorative materials, etc. It can be easily combined with various new construction materials and components with local characteristics, which is a flexible and changeable Building system. Because the modular house can be large or small, the overall performance is good, it can be used as a permanent building, and can also be demolished in a modular manner, with reliable manpower and simple tools for overall relocation. In addition, the modular house has good sound insulation performance, simple appearance, smooth lines and full of modern atmosphere. The variety and quantity of modular house components determine the integrated installation and factory production must be strictly in accordance with the principles of standardization.

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