Precautions Before Lumberjack Log Splitter Operation

With the rapid development of equipment technology, Gasoline Log Splitter ( … tter/ ) is essentially a facility for cutting wood such as pine, poplar, and fir. So everyone knows what aspects of Gasoline Log Splitter need to focus on when it is used? I hope it can be Bring usable assistance to everyone. Let's take a closer look at "What factors do you need to know before operating Gasoline Log Splitter".

Some knowledge about Gasoline Log Splitter blades, everyone who has used Gasoline Log Splitter knows that Gasoline Log Splitter blades are common wearing parts, blades are the crushing equipment of the host in Gasoline Log Splitter, Gasoline Log Splitter has been running for a long time After use, the blade will wear to a certain level, at this time, users will have to replace the new blade. It can be seen that the importance of blades in manufacturing.

Many users and friends have said that your Gasoline Log Splitter blades are not of good quality and do not take much time, which is not the case. The wear level of Gasoline Log Splitter blades and the hardness of the materials you are processing, the length of production time, operation Whether it is appropriate has a close relationship, so how can the Gasoline Log Splitter blade be used longer?

   1. When using Gasoline Log Splitter, the feeding staff should pay attention to the fact that materials such as nails and metal blocks cannot enter the machine, otherwise the blade will be tightly damaged, and even the card machine will be formed;

   Second, when adjusting the Gasoline Log Splitter blade, we must pay attention to prevent the blade from hitting a certain part of the machine and damaging the sharpness of the blade;

3. Gasoline Log Splitter replaces the new knife instantly, to ensure that the length of the blade is uniform, and the quality is uniform, to prevent the blade from being too long or heavy or light, forming an uneven rotor in the machine, so that the machine will appear noise and vibration during production. After the blade is replaced, you must check the screw of the upper blade to ensure that the screw is still tight to prevent the screw from loosening and falling in the future;

   Fourth, when buying Gasoline Log Splitter blades, it is important to buy high-quality wear-resistant blades. This is very important. Only the good quality of the blades can be used for a longer time.

  If the above points are achieved, ensure that your Gasoline Log Splitter does not need to change the blades frequently and reach the goal of using it longer.

What are the common care and maintenance methods of Lumberjack Log Splitter? During the use of any equipment, there will be some problems. Some small problems can be found by users themselves. However, some problems require our dedicated staff to answer the questions for users. Lumberjack Log Splitter equipment care and maintenance methods, Lumberjack Log Splitter several common care and maintenance methods machinery manufacturers for you to carefully:

1. Lumberjack Log Splitter must do more prying before buying. It is important to choose a good manufacturer. Not only the quality is guaranteed, but all aspects of after-sales service are very centered in the future. So it is still you who lose money.

2. Lumberjack Log Splitter performs smooth lubrication on a regular basis. Smoothing is a dry oil smoothing method. Swedish SKF special grease is used. The added amount is 1/2-2/3 of the bearing cavity. It increases the amount of smooth grease every half a year. .

   3. The starting sequence of the whole set of equipment is: screening machine→host→feeding. The Lumberjack Log Splitter must be started without load, and the feed can only be made after the crusher is operating normally. The sequence of shutdown is opposite to that of startup.

   4. Specially trained operators should be placed for precise manipulations to avoid damage to the Lumberjack Log Splitter.

   5. Hurry and talk to our service center, what's the problem? Quickly, we will deal with any problems in the operation of Lumberjack Log Splitter for you.

   So in your daily work, you must be skilled in handling the details of the Lumberjack Log Splitter ( ) equipment. Many users have not paid much attention to the details. This directly shaped the obstacles. Before starting the machine, a complete inspection of the equipment is required to ensure that all parts of the equipment are intact.