Things To Consider When Installing Pp Clamps?

Once youve established the action you require, then you need to take into consideration the materials, whether you need it to be Stainless or a normal Mild Steel. You will need to consider the environment you will be using the Toggle Clamp in, how much force you need, whether you need a Heavy Duty Toggle Clamp.

Then it depends entirely on what the application is and what you trying to achieve. There are a number of considerations. How you specify your PP clamp will depend on the size of the components that you need to clamp: if there is any variation in the components: what access you need around the components, you might need clearance for a welding gun or milling cutter or clearance for other reasons, like safety; Do you need the clamp to have a secondary lock? The Toggle Clamp might be applied in vibration work, where a Secondary Locking Toggle Clamp is required. Weve had instances where clients have been using Toggle Clamps to secure something in transport so they need a secondary lock for extra security.