Cleaning Of Encrusting Machine

The wafer biscuit production line is composed of Encrusting Machine ( … hine/ ), hot air circulation tunnel electric oven, fuel injector, lathe, cooling line, biscuit grinder, biscuit sandwich machine, packaging table, etc. While reproducing biscuits, the cleaning of the biscuit production line is also very necessary.

So what is the process of cleaning the biscuit production line? You can follow the steps below:

· The biscuit production line should remove the filter regularly. What we need to pay attention to at this time is that the body of the biscuit maker should be completely cooled before cleaning. When the water flows back, flush the impurities on the filter. If the stain is stubborn, you can use a brush to help clean it with running water.

· Attention should be paid to removing impurities during cleaning, collecting impurities well, and cleaning up after the operation site.

· Coxinha Making Machine's ( … .html) biscuit production line mixing blades are difficult to clean and should be cleaned multiple times. Do not use abrasives and bristles for cleaning. Avoid damaging the non-contaminated layer and affecting the effect of the next mixing and cleaning.

· After cleaning the filter, put the filter back into the machine in time and pay attention to the correct placement.