Which Industries Are Waterproof Nylon Fabrics Used In

The waterproof nylon fabric https://www.wanshiyitex.com/product/nylo … bric/ has many functions such as high wind resistance, high water resistance, moisture permeability, heat preservation, aging resistance, freezing resistance, abrasion resistance and so on, which can keep your body dry and comfortable for a long time.

It is mainly used in such industries as assault clothing, ski clothing, outdoor leisure clothing, jacket, sports leisure clothing, medical and health materials industry, ski clothing fabric, mountaineering clothing fabric, winter clothing fabric, clothing fabric, high-grade outdoor clothing, sporting goods, clothing, medical and other fields. Applications: raincoat, raincoat, protective clothing, luggage, tents, leisure products, medical life-saving products.

Product Characteristics of Waterproof Nylon Fabric;

1. Waterproof: The water pressure resistance of general waterproof nylon is only 1,000-2,000 mm, which can only withstand general torrential rain, and the better is 5000mmH2O, which can withstand heavy rain.

2. Wind resistance: PTFE/TPU/TPE microporous film has a special three-dimensional cross-arrangement structure in longitudinal and transverse directions, and its air penetration force is only half of that of common man-made fibers or down clothing.

3. Moisture permeability: The specification of moisture permeability is g/m2/24h (g/m2/24h), while the general waterproof and moisture-permeable fabric is only 2000-3000g/m2/24h.

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