Advantages Of Iqf Freezing Application

With the development of society, the technological innovation of the food processing industry is also constantly developing. The traditional ammonia food quick freezer has been unable to keep up with the pace of the food processing industry. This is because the traditional ammonia machine has poor ability to adjust and adapt to temperature changes. The temperature is often in fluctuating occasions. It means that efficiency will decline. In addition, the increase in heat transfer temperature difference means that the dry consumption increases, which will directly cause the quality of the food to decline and the quality of the goods to be lost. In addition, the selection of ammonia machine also requires a lot of on-site installation work, and the guarantee of system quality depends on the quality of the installation team. Moreover, the ammonia machine occupies a larger plant area. But for the Quick Freezing Equipment ( … ment/ ), it is quite different.

Facing the increasingly discerning modern people, the original juice, the original flavor, the delicious and delicious quick-frozen food can more touch people's stomach. Guanfeng Machinery conforms to the trend of the food processing industry, and the quick-freezing equipment developed and produced can quickly freeze various foods within 5 minutes. Now Guanfeng Machinery is known as China's quick-freezing equipment by virtue of its integrity and excellent products, and it has become an influential enterprise in China. Quick freezing equipment Many food processing industry professionals have named ten reasons for choosing Guanfeng mechanical quick freezing equipment.
1. IQF Freezing is by far the most environmentally friendly and economical freezing and cooling medium in the world.
2. With minimum input, multiple freezing and cooling production lines with high quality can be created.
3. Quick freezing in 5 minutes, greatly shortening the time to market, without storing a large amount of products.
4. Reduce water loss, no loss, no weight reduction, maintain original freshness, improve product quality, and increase output rate (more products can be operated at the same time).
5. The quick-freezing equipment saves factory space and is more easily connected to the existing production line.
6. The minimum installation cost of quick freezing equipment.
7. Low maintenance cost of quick freezing equipment.
8. Quick freezing equipment saves cleaning time.
9. Shelf life is longer, IQF freezing ( … tion/ ) is 1-3 times that of traditional quick freezing.
10. The quick-freezing equipment completely solves the problems of excess output, overdue, and deterioration.