The cold storage effect of Xinshidai cooler cart is good

Cixi Xinshidai Electric Co., Ltd. has more than 20 years of experience in producing cooler carts. It is the earliest factory in China to produce cooler carts.

Here is a brief introduction of a Xinshidai cooler cart with chassis.

1.A portable cooler cart for holding ice to cool beverages, beer, wine coolers, soda, water or store your meats before firing up the BBQ to complete any patio party, summer outing or camping adventure.

2.Handy stainless-steel bottle opener and cap catcher with a split door top that makes it easy and simple to access the contents inside.

3.The insulated 20-gallon basin keeps everything inside nice and cold.

4.Wheels can turn 360 degrees or be locked in place.

5.Convenient drain to easily and quickly get rid of excess water.

In addition, we can also customize the color and size of the cooler cart according to customer preferences. The weather becomes warmer. It would be great to have a few friends for a picnic. Cixi Xinshidai Electric Co., Ltd. welcomes your purchase.