How to solve the problem of insufficient light in the bathroom?

In the modern bathroom cabinets, a bathroom led mirror cabinets includes a cabinet body and a cabinet door, one side of the cabinet door is hinged on the cabinet body, and the outer surface of the cabinet door is provided with a mirror surface. The user can observe the mirror image through the mirror surface and use it as a mirror.

At the same time, there is a storage bin inside the cabinet, where items can be placed, and the mirror cabinet can be used as a storage cabinet.

However, in the case of insufficient light or poor lighting conditions, it is difficult for the user to clearly observe the mirror image in the mirror. Especially when the external lighting is uneven, the mirror image in the mirror is seriously distorted, which affects the use effect, so it needs to be improved. Therefore, it is very important to buy a storage mirror cabinet with a good lighting effects and strong decoration.

A storage mirror cabinet with lighting function, including a cabinet body, a cabinet door hinged on the cabinet body, a mirror set on the outer surface of the cabinet door, a lamp belt installation slot is arranged around the cabinet door, and a lamp is provided in the lamp belt installation slot Belt, the mirror is provided with a light-transmitting area corresponding to the light belt installation groove. A light-reflecting plate is arranged on the inner surface of the light belt installation groove. The light strip is installed on the back of the mirror at an opaque position. The light strip is an LED light strip, and a driving power supply for driving the LED light strip is arranged in the cabinet body. The LED light strip and the driving power supply are electrically connected through a wire, and the wire passes through the hinge.

There is a light belt around the cabinet door. After the light is reflected, the light is emitted through the light-transmitting area to form a decorative lighting effect. It can be used as a lighting lamp to meet the lighting function and the appearance is more beautiful; further, the light belt is set around the mirror to illuminate the light Uniformity, little difference between light and dark, making the mirror image in the mirror more real and beautiful.

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