Free Blacks Of Natchez

The role of the Free Blacks of Natchez is not written about as readily as the stolen and enslaved Blacks brought here by Europeans brought here during colonization. Actually the first mention of Free Blacks in the area came about during the first Indian revelation against The French at Rosalie where the Natchez Indians Revolted against the French settlers was led By a Free Black of unknown name . This unknown Free Black that led The Natchez Indians at the time was directly responsible for The French establishing laws that controlled the contact of slaves being brought into the area by European settlers on how they would be separated from any contact with the Indians.

Now that we have established the presence of Free Blacks in area before colonization we need to focus on the Free Blacks brought in by the French as tradesmen to perform the early building of a settlement. One of the most noted of them was an interpreter by The Name of Samba Bombari , who later became the leader of the second Indian revolt against the French . After his capture and execution came the total disbandment of the Natchez Tribe .

With knowledge of these two events we are able to began exploring the path of Free Blacks In Natchez and The contributions they made while ruling Europeans began to suppress their social status through structuring laws to limit their activities and involvement in the creation of the community in which they lived.