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15th Annual N.A.P.A.C. Youth Luncheon

Mark your calendars !!! January 15, 2017 is the 15th Annual N.A.P.A.C. Martin Luther King Youth luncheon. If you have not gotten your Church or organization registered do so now! The youth luncheon has continued to grow… »

Script of whats to come (BLACK AND BLUE )

Except of Act One script of Union Navy African DescentFreedom fighter in Battle of Galveston Texas Teachable take away at 10th annualBlack and Blue Civil War Event 10-14-17: Yes Galveston Texas was capturedbefore Junetee… »


Mississippi iscelebrating its bicentennial. Forks of Road enslavement sites and Exhibitiontells how chattel slavery enabled Mississippi to become a state in 1817.Mississippi was admitted into the United States as "slave… »

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